Frankfurt Guide

Frankfurt Guide


Frankfurt in Germany is a beautiful, old European city full of gorgeous architecture, stunning vistas, and most importantly – classy, attractive women. Frankfurt used to be a city state for nearly 500 years, and it was one of the most important cities of the Holy Roman Empire.

The city of Frankfurt is the major financial center of Europe, but it is also famous for the largest book fair in the world – the Frankfurt Book Fair. This gorgeous city allows you to go on many different dates with a beautiful escort lady of your choice, by offering you a large variety of places to visit and things to see. Frankfurt is a place where you can culturally enrich yourself, learn about history, art, and music – it is an amazing modern city with a rich past.

If you are looking for a city that mixes the old with the new, allows you to explore the past and see the future, and provides you with some of the most beautiful women in the world, then Frankfurt is the place that you will call your second home.

The JFK bar and lounge Frankfurt

The JFK bar and lounge Frankfurt can be found at the luxury hotel Villa Kennedy. It is a stylish and classy place where the bar menu takes you through the life of the America’s most famous president. Every point of the president’s life is reflected in a different drink, which makes it a unique drinking experience.

If you are looking for a bar where you can indulge in many different, and interesting drinks with a lovely escort girl, then the JFK bar and lounge Frankfurt is definitely a place you should check out.

Kennedyallee 70, 60596 Frankfurt am Main


Sullivan Bar Frankfurt

The Sullivan bar is one of those bars that men fall in love with as soon as they enter. The interior design is something that can be seen in the older movies, and it shows elegance with a little hint of playfulness.

This classy bar is a place where a proper gentleman takes out a sexy escort woman for a night of rare spirits, or even a night spent drinking beer and snacking on bar food.

If you are a gentleman with a playful, quirky side, then you will enjoy spending some relaxing time with a beautiful escort lady at the Sullivan bar.

Kaiserstraße 12, 60311 Frankfurt am Main

Mon-Wed: 5PM-1AM

Thu: 5PM-2AM

Fri: 5PM-3AM

Sat: 3PM-3AM

22nd Lounge in Melia Innside Hotel Frankfurt

22nd Lounge & Bar is a modern and cosmopolitan bar at the hotel Innside in Frankfurt. It is a gorgeous place where a gentleman can unwind in the company of a lovely escort gal.

This bar offers you a large choice of cocktails and drinks, together with an amazing view of the city of Frankfurt. The atmosphere is something that can only be experienced at 22nd Lounge & Bar. Exclusive jazz music and live shows make sure that your time spent is something that you will not forget.

Visit the 22nd Lounge & Bar at the Innside hotel, and find out why so many people keep coming back again and again.

Neue Mainzer Str. 66, 60311 Frankfurt am Main

Mon-Thu: 6PM-1AM

Fri-Sat: 6PM-2AM

Sun: Closed

Flemings Rooftop Bar in Flemings Hotel

If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy fine dining and amazing drinks with a lovely escort lady, then the Fleming’s Rooftop bar in the Fleming’s hotel Frankfurt is a place for you.

This beautiful place is a prime example of how contemporary can be mixed with modern without being pretentious. It is a place where you can enjoy a quiet lunch as well as an amazing view of the city of Frankfurt.

The bar is always fully stocked, so you can expect to find plenty of delicious cocktails. If you’re a man who enjoys tasty food paired up with a lovely view, then the Fleming’s Rooftop Bar is a perfect place for you and your escort lady.

Eschenheimer Tor 2
60318 Frankfurt


Harrys New York Bar in Frankfurt

Harry’s New York bar is a perfect place for everyone looking to experience authentic American bar culture. The wooden furniture and men with cigars are a part of the ambiance, and live piano players are the cherry on top that makes the experience perfect.

All of the waiters are friendly, and they will mix anything you want, so make sure to learn about some special cocktails if you want to impress your lovely escort. Harry’s New York bar is a place where gentlemen can relax, enjoy smoking, and spend some time relaxing with a favorite drink while enjoying the company of a sweet escort lady.

Walther-von-Cronberg-Platz 1, 60594 Frankfurt am Main


Westbar Wine and Cocktail Lounge

The Westbar wine and cocktail lounge is an amazing fit for a gentleman who enjoys tasteful ambiance with a pleasant atmosphere. It is a perfect place for relaxation after a lunch break, but it is also fitting for a night out drinking with a lovely escort lady.

This gorgeous bar boasts an impressive list of fine wines, as well as a changing selection of small culinary delicacies. It is truly a place where gentlemen of all ages can relax and unwind with a beautiful escort woman.

Myliusstraße 48, 60323 Frankfurt am Main


Roomers Bar in Roomers Hotel Frankfurt

The Roomers Bar at the Roomers hotel is an award-winning bar that has been the favorite place to see by the visitors, as well as the Frankfurt’s locals. The first time you enter it you will realize why the Roomers Bar is so popular.

Its burlesque charm is something that can’t be avoided, and the cozy seating booths with dim lightning make sure that you will have an amazing private experience with a gorgeous escort girl.

Perfection is what the Roomers Bar strives for, and it shows in the drinks created in it. If you are looking for a bar where you can engage in a stimulating conversation with a beautiful escort gal, then the Roomers Bar is the best place for you.

Gutleutstraße 85, 60329 Frankfurt am Main

Mon-Sat: 11AM-4AM

Sun: 11AM-2AM

Gekkos Bar in Hilton Hotel Frankfurt

The Gekkos Bar is a perfect place for gentlemen who appreciate luxury and class. It is a modern award-winning bar that boasts a large collection of high class spirits, wine, champagne and own signature drinks.

Besides the drinks, visitors can enjoy a large collection of cigars as well. You can expect live music on occasional dates, but the DJs provide entertainment six days per week, so you can never get bored.

The Gekkos Bar mixes old cocktails with modern ideas. This means that you can expect drinks that are superior to what you can buy commercially. This attractive place is a perfect fit for a man who knows what he wants.

Hochstraße 4; 60313 Frankfurt am Main

Open daily from 6PM

The Parlour

The Parlour is one of the hottest bars in Frankfurt, and how could it not be? It is a modern bar where gentlemen gather to enjoy a night of fine drinking.

The decor elements are made out of metal and leather, but it is impossible to call it gaudy – classy is definitely a better adjective.

Men who love to spend their spare time in style will love enjoying many of the delicious drinks in The Parlour. It is an amazing place to spend time in company of a beautiful and classy escort lady.

Zwingergasse 6, 60313 Frankfurt am Main

Mon-Wed: 8PM-2AM

Thu-Sat: 8PM-3AM

Sun: Closed

Barhundert Bar

The Barhundert bar is a place for men who enjoy to smoke. If you are not a fan of smoke, then this bar might not be for you, but if you are – you are going to have an awesome time.

This modern-looking bar is a perfect place for young gentlemen who lead an active lifestyle. The music is loud and the party-atmosphere rarely stops. The Barhundert bar is the best place to take your escort lady out for a wild night out in town.

The drinks are numerous and the cocktails are delicious. The decor is modern and the employees do their best to make you feel extremely welcome. Be sure not to miss out on the Barhundert bar!

Stiftstrasse 34
D-60313 Frankfurt

Mon-Tue: 6PM-2AM

Wed-Thu: 6PM-3AM

Fri-Sat: 6PM-4AM

Sun: Closed

Jimmys Bar Hessicher Hof Frankfurt

Jimmy’s Bar is located at the Hessischer Hof Hotel, and the first thing you will notice is that the decor is similar to what you might have seen in the movies made in the 50s.

This gorgeous bar is a perfect place for a gentleman who enjoys American-style piano bars with delicious drinks and hot and cold small plates.

If you are looking for a bar where you can relax in a quiet atmosphere with a beautiful escort lady, then you will love Jimmy’s Bar. Visit this popular bar and find out why so many people keep coming back over and over.

Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 40, 60325 Frankfurt


Restaurant Guide

Spending time with a gorgeous escort girl wouldn’t be complete without a visit to some of Frankfurt’s most famous restaurants.

After all, restaurants are a great place where you can have an intimate conversation that will help you get to know the lady better. Our list of Frankfurt’s best bars should help you find the perfect place for a date with a gorgeous escort lady, as well as a place where you can enjoy high-quality dining.

You should never date on an empty stomach, so read on, and learn which of Frankfurt’s top restaurants suit your needs – Bon Appétit.


The M-steakhouse is a place where meat-lovers of Frankfurt like to gather. It is the first steakhouse in Germany based on the American model, and it has been going strong for almost 20 years.

This restaurant boasts an authentic ambiance where you and your escort lady can enjoy a high-quality meal in noble, yet rustic ambiance. The theme of the restaurant reminisces of the old American steak restaurants, and it will surely leave you in awe.

If you are a gentleman who appreciates eating only the best steaks together with fine wine, then the M-Steakhouse is the place to visit.

Restaurant Gusto

Gusto is an award-winning restaurant directed by a celebrity chef Fulvio Pierangelini, renowned for his Michelin-starred restaurant. This means that Gusto is the best place for a gentleman who enjoys top-quality food in classy ambiance.

The restaurant is decorated with Italian art, and the food is, you guessed it, Italian. Gusto is a perfect place where you can go out for lunch or dinner with a beautiful and smart escort lady.

You can expect all of the ingredients to be fresh, and used in authentic Italian recipes. If you’re a classy man who is in love with Italian dishes, then you should definitely check out the Gusto restaurant

Restaurant Villa Merton

Villa Merton restaurant is a place that boasts simple elegance, which many of the fine dining connoisseurs enjoy. It is a place of simple elegance, and amazing seasonally inspired food.

You and your lovely escort lady can enjoy an 8-course meal, but you also have a choice to choose individually à la carte. Servers will be happy to help you choose a fitting wine for your meal, but you can also look at the drink list yourself.

If you are a gentleman who enjoys exquisite dining in a classy restaurant, check out the Villa Merton restaurant, and both you and your escort gal will have an unforgettable time.

Shopping Guide


Goethe Strasse

Frankfurt is well-known for its financial institutions, but it is also known for its many shopping districts where you can find everything from boutiques to fast food joints.

One of the most famous and beautiful parts of Frankfurt is the Goethestrasse – a luxury shopping street lined with beautiful trees and a cobblestone path. The Goethe street is home to many well-known designers around the world: Versace, Prada, Gucci. It is also the best place where you can take your escort lady out for some jewelry-shopping at Cartier or Mont Blanc.

If you are a man who loves to flaunt his class, then the Goethe street is the place where you want to be!